Friday, February 02, 2007

20 Things To Do In a Lifetime

In my quest to be more organized this year I recently found my old Palm software. I have no idea where the actual PDA is, but the software lives on in my hard drive archives. I stumbled across some old memo notes that I wrote years ago and found them amusing. I thought I would share them, or at least one of them. I have three, and they are:

20 Things To Do In a Lifetime - This is a collection of some of the noteworthy and fun things that I have done in my life time. Things I would recommend to anyone.

Things That I Just HAD To Do - another list of silly things that I have done, just because I had to do them. Do you have things like that in your life? Things that you've done for no other good reason, but you always wanted to do it?

Wish List of Things I Still Want To Do - Well that is self explanatory. Everyone should always have a wish list.

So here is my list of things to do in a lifetime (in no particular order):

  1. Bike a Century (100 miles in one day)
  2. Ride a gondola in Venice
  3. Dance or perform on stage
  4. View Paris from the Eiffel Tower at sunset
  5. Hang glide
  6. Ride a tandem bike
  7. Rescue a greyhound
  8. Make something special with your own two hands and give it to someone you love
  9. Hike Yosemite in the Spring
  10. Eat sushi & drink sake in Tokyo sitting on the floor
  11. Overlook the Hong Kong bay at night from Victoria Peak
  12. Drive a motorcycle - not riding on the back - driving!
  13. Find your soulmate and fall in love
  14. Own a jeep and take it off-road
  15. Go for walks in the pouring rain
  16. Slow dance in the middle of a crowded city street
  17. Walk through the Roman Forum and marvel at the history
  18. Watch a meteor shower while laying on the beach at 4 AM
  19. Experience the real meaning of "cold" on a dog sled ride in Canada
  20. Get lost for the fun of it (but bring water)


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