Monday, October 02, 2006

Mental Anguish

Yoga is supposed to help stress, right? And I'm a firm believer in yoga, but what do you do if you have so many things racing inside your head that you simply can not clear it? I once had a dream . . . that dream was to turn my little YogaDudes business into something that I could do full time. I even had fantasies about becoming a yoga instructor and maybe opening a studio with a dear friend. It's so much fun to dream . . . But I also shared a dream with my husband. And that dream was to own and live in a post & beam country retreat. Both of these dreams seemed like they would never really happen and it never occurred to me that one could cancel out the other. But it's happened. We finally found our dream home and yesterday we signed our lives away on the contract that commits us to buying it. And what does that mean for my YogaDudes business? Well, that means that I'll never be able to quit my 'day job.' Well, not unless an awful lot of yogis all buy lots of YogaDudes goodies :-) Tell all your yoga friends - quick!

But seriously, I'm struggling with clearing my mind. I know I should be happy and excited, but I'm feeling terrified. Scared of saying goodbye to the house that I built and poured so much of myself into. Scared of the whole moving process. Scared of moving further away from everything and everyone. Scared my dear friends at home will disown me (yes, Lisa I mean YOU!)

And what a coincendence that I just got an email from a yoga writer. You can go on her website and subscribe to daily yoga articles. Today's opening line read "Do you ever find it hard to concentrate or become easilydistracted?" YES, I do!! If you would like to check out what she had to say, click here. I only subscribed last week and already she has helped me!


lgaumond said...

I will NEVER disown you, no matter how darn far away you move. Don't even worry about that.

Christine Dignam said...

Hi Paula!

This is Chrisine, from

Thank you for referring my website on your blog. I'm glad my articles has been of help to you.

Just want to drop by and say hi.