Thursday, June 14, 2012

A New Lay-flat, Roll-up Tight Yoga Mat

I came across a brilliant new invention for a yoga mat that solves the problem of your mat rolling up on you when you begin your session . . . and then, not rolling back up nice and tight and neatly when you're done. Everybody struggles with these little annoyances during every yoga session, but it's just something we all deal with. Wouldn't it be nice to have a mat that instantly lays flat and then easily rolls back up? This new mat uses embedded magnets to stay tightly rolled when not in use, and the magnets also serve as weights to keep the mat flat while in use.

A young guy in California has invented it and he just launched a kickstarter campaign to try to raise the necessary funds to bring his Nadi yoga mat to market. Please watch this video that explains and shows off the mat.  And then visit his Kickstarter page to get even more info. If you think this is a brilliant idea I encourage you to support him.

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Anonymous said...

A well used mat lays flat.