Monday, April 23, 2012

Ahnu Karma Shoes - A Slice of Heaven for Your Feet

I recently got my first pair of Ahnu shoes and to say I'm thrilled with them would be an under statement. I have to admit I didn't have very high expectations for ballerina-type shoes. I have had many other pairs of similar shoes in my life and, for the most part, they were like walking barefoot. They never provided enough protection in the sole and there wasn't ever much in the way of support. But these Ahnu shoes blew me away. From the moment I slipped my bare feet into them I knew they were different from all the rest.

 I even loved the box they came in and the message about the company.

I got a pair of Karmas and these cute little shoes felt more like my running sneakers. They hugged my feet perfectly and the bottom insoles were actually supportive in the arch and provided some much needed cushion. They certainly passed the right-out-of-the-box test, but that was only the beginning. I have notoriously impossible-to-fit feet. They are very narrow and I have freakishly skinny heels. This means that I slide straight through most "slides" and my heel slips right out of just about every shoe that doesn't tie, buckle, or strap down over my foot. Any shoe that doesn't require me to strap it down usually turns into a flip flop, constantly flopping off my feet. This is something that drives me crazy and makes shopping for shoes a tear-envoking experience.

And that problem is what makes me love these Ahnu shoes the most. They are brilliantly designed with just enough elastic in the heel to keep them on my feet without digging into my heels. I've tried this style shoe before, but it resulted in a hole being bore into my heel due to the elastic being too aggressive. Ahnu somehow figured out the formula to make this design work.

So far I've worn them three places to put them to the test. First, I wore them to work (where I stand up at my desk all day long) and my feet were never happier for 8 straight hours. Next, I brought them on a business trip that required lots of walking through airports and strolling along the city streets of Chicago. I brought two pairs of shoes: these new Ahnus and another pair of shoes well-known for their comfort. The other brand (that we will leave unmentioned) have always been very comfortable, but when put to the test of walking for a couple of miles around the city, failed me. I ended up with blisters on the bottom of both big toes. The next day I slipped on my Ahnu's and even with pre-existing blisters, my feet were still in Heaven. I traveled back home in these and they will become my go-to travel shoe.

And the biggest test ever . . . I wore them out swing dancing last weekend. I've been swing dancing for years and I never ever walked out of a dance without sore feet. Wearing brand new shoes (with bare feet in them) was a huge gamble, but I had great confidence that these shoes wouldn't let me down – and they didn't.

In the two weeks that I've owned them I got at least a half dozen compliments on them. I think I found a new favorite brand and will soon be shopping for more styles and colors. Practice some Karma . . . be nice to your feet and your feet will be nice to you! Do yourself a favor and check out this brand. You can find them online here.


Sandy Foster said...


Paula Apro said...

LOL, no kidding Sandy. They were made for you :-)

Sandy Foster said...

My purple beauties are in the washing machine rinsing off Paris right now. I hope they survive!

kit said...

Hello Sandy, may I know if your sheos survived the washing machine?

kit said...

Hi Sandy, may I know if your ahnu shoes survived the washing machine?

Anonymous said...

Did they? Mine are getting a funky from wearing them barefoot and I was wondering how to clean them

Lisa Shiga said...

Mine are super stinky from wearing them so much. Can they handle the washing machine?