Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hydration on the Run

I'm not sure what took me so long to buy one of these gadgets. Perhaps I've been relying too heavily on my husband being the water mule, but it's time for me to be more self sufficient. I've tried other means of carrying a single water bottle. The first version held the bottle in a dead horizontal fashion, which was up surd because the bottle insisted on dripping water down the back of my leg. It was fired.

Then version 2 came out and it was clear that the bug was worked out. This version carried the bottle at a 45 degree angle which was a much smarter idea. The only problem with this was that it wasn't quite built for running and the bottle was cumbersome and bouncy. There was never a moment that I wasn't aware of it bouncing on my back. That one got fired too.

Maybe the third one is the charm. This time I bought a true running belt, called the Fuelbelt R2O Revenge Hydration Belt,  which includes two tiny bottles. At first I was convinced that the amount of water it holds wasn't worth wearing the belt, but to my surprise, the fluid capacity of both tiny bottles was ever so slightly less then my one big water bottle. You can also buy these belts with 4 bottle holders on them, but for the distances I do, and the amount I drink, I figured two would be sufficient.

I settled on this exact brand and belt for one reason, and amazingly it wasn't based on color. Of all the belts I shopped for (on Amazon) this was the only one that was offered in sizes. What a brilliant concept. I have discovered over the years that one-size-fits is never true. Ever! Nothing in this world can fit everyone properly. There isn't a single run when my phone-holder arm band isn't sliding down my arm frustrating me because I can't wrap the elastic band around my arm tight enough. Everything should come in sizes! So this belt is nice and small and fits snugly around my waist without a mile of excess belt material dragging on the ground. It even comes with a small pouch that would be good to hold keys, a few bucks, some band-aids and some lip balm. I'm wishing it was big enough to carry a phone to eliminate the arm band problem. So far it's working out nicely and I think it will do the trick nicely. . . until Summer rolls around and it gets to hot to have the belt around my waist.

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