Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brazilian Butt Lift Review 

I just completed my first week of the Brazilian Butt Lift. The week went by really fast and although I found some of the routines challenging, I haven't been all that sore. I should probably note that I've been soaking in a hot tub just about every night and I think that makes a big difference.

First I'm going to state the things that I don't like about the series.

  • My biggest issue with it is that I bought it under the impression that the workouts were only 35 minutes each. And technically most of them are. What they didn't make very clear in the infomercial is that you are required to do two per day - except on the day that you do the Sculpt video, which is 50 minutes. My biggest problem with P90X was the time commitment. It was a minimum of an hour a day and that is just hard to squeeze in every day for 90 straight days. This seemed much more manageable, but when it comes right down to it, it's really not.
  • I can't seem to get over the fact that the (slightly annoying) guy that leads the video constantly refers to your butt as your "boom boom." I don't know why, but it's driving me crazy. He also is stuck on one little phrase that, after only one week, is starting to grate on me. He says, "Don't settle for less" constantly. Uuuugh
  • The audio in general is a bit challenging. The music is a little too loud for the voice over and the guy is hard to understand. When doing the floor work I'm not always looking at the screen and it almost feels like he's mumbling. I can't quite understand what he's saying in many areas.
  •  So far I had two technical issues with one of the DVDs. I'm not sure if it's my player or not, but since all the issues are occurring with one disc I'm thinking it's the disc. Yesterday I couldn't get to one of the two exercises on the menu, and today I had to watch the one video that worked in Spanish. The good point on this is that I was able to follow the cardio routine without hearing the words. OK, I do know a few Spanish numbers and the word "rapido," but overall I was relying solely on the visuals. After doing the routine only once or twice before it was no problem so none of the steps are very complicated which is a big plus.

Now for the good points

  • The customer service at Beach Body was superb. I chatted with them last night about my technical issue and they put a brand new disc in the mail right away.
  • As stated above the moves are not complicated and after doing the routines once you catch right on. I should note that it's not totally easy (or even possible) to move like the Spanish girls on the video. You really need to have some Latin in your blood to get your hips and shoulders to move like that. Mine don't seem to be wired right and I can't even imagine how ridiculous I look. But it's fun. Period.
  •  I thought all the videos would focus solely on the rear end, but they include a good mix of total body conditioning. Your arms, legs, and abs are working too. In fact there's a complete separate 20 minute ab workout, just like P90X.

Some other things worth mentioning

  • Unlike P90X, the cardio routines are totally dependent on the amount of effort you exert. It's quite possible to get through them without doing all that much. That is not the case with P90X. Even if you only give it 50% of your all, just performing the required tasks is a big undertaking. These moves are all pretty easy and without really giving it some ummph, you're not going to get much out of them.
  • The sculpting work that requires the bands or the weights, however, are very good. When I read the instructions that told me during the first week I was supposed to perform these work-outs "without equipment" I thought, "Why bother? What a waste of time." Well, I was wrong. Without the bands or the weights my muscles were burning and tears were welling up. I can honestly say I'm not looking forward to adding that 'equipment.' Yikes
  • The hardest part of this series (for me) is that you are working muscles that you simply don't normally work. With P90X you work the typical muscles that get used in most athletics and every day activities. I've been training for the past decade with my husband . . . in a gym, on a bike, in a kayak . . . my major muscles are well equip to take on the challenges of the P90X exercises. But these exercises are a whole different story. I'm using butt muscles that I never knew existed and certainly never work out. No matter if I started in fairly good shape or not I don't think I would have had a prayer at breezing through this series of videos.

Bottom line is that my legs already feel firmer and more toned after just one week. Since I really don't have to make a huge difference in my overall physical dimensions I'm not sure that I will continue to follow the program to the T, by the book, and in the super neurotic, anal retentive, Type A personality way that I followed P90X. I have no doubt that if you do indeed follow the program, you will get the desired results.


K.B. said...

Thank you for the review. Based on your evaluation, I think I will give it a try.

Corey @brazil butt lift said...

I like the way you did the review you didn't shy away from the cons. Every program has something that can be irritating.

I just started it and am feeling sore but I don't exercise the way you do, so this will be interesting to see what happens at the end of 90 days.

Souza said...

"Boom boom" means booty in Brazilian Portuguese. Just FYI.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your honest review of BBL. I got mine in the mail a few weeks ago and literally almost died after the first bum bum workout... was so sore the next day I could barely go up stairs (haha). BUT it actually made me more excited to keep going because it makes me feel like it will work.

My only issue is I lost the nutrition guide and I feel that that is going to be an important piece in this whole thing. Could you upload it to your blog or email it to me

I would be SO SO SO SO appreciative.

Anyways thanks for the review! and good luck

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Anonymous said...

Appreciate the prons & cons.
Couple things...
1. Not boom boom, but bumbum is the word for butt in Brazil's portuguese;
2. In Brazil we speak portuguese, not spanish, and the girls in the videos are not Spanish, they're Brazilians. Please stop lumping everyone south of Mexico as the same.

Kindace Druesedow said...

1. She never said anything about the girls in the videos being Spanish
2. I think she means that the video is in Spanish. As in, Spanish. Not that Brazilians are Spanish, or that they speak Spanish (she obviously didn't say or imply this), but that the videos she has are marketed to Americans, so they included English and Spanish versions of each exercise, because many people speak Spanish here...So in the vein of your comment, Please stop lumping all Americans into a senseless pile of idiots who do not understand geography.

Boom Lift Rental said...

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Anonymous said...

Great review. Nicely written. Informative. The only correction I would make is that we Brazilians are not Spanish or Latino. We are Brazilian. Brazilians are not Hispanic. Thanks!

smita sharma said...

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