Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Quiet Yogi

Lately I've been a very quiet yogi. I'm sorry that this blog has been neglected. The truth is that I haven't been practicing my yoga in months. I haven't been doing much of any form of exercise in months and not many things make me less happy. Way back in June I hurt my neck, which led to several months of agonizing pinched nerve pain. I am just about losing my mind trying to cope with this situation and the fact that I can't work out. There goes the great shape I was in. There goes my yoga teaching assignment this year. I haven't even been able to review the new work-out DVDs that I got over the Summer. It's all so depressing.

During this time I have been trying to focus on my meditation, but sadly even THAT hurts. Trying to clear my mind is just so difficult when my brain is registering pain. Seems the only form of exercise I can do these days is running so I've been trying to embrace it, despite the fact that I dislike it. Whenever I run it just makes me miss my bike, but I'm trying to forge on. I just received my racing bib for an upcoming 5 mile race on Thanksgiving Day. I'm going to run those miles and try to stay focused on being thankful that I can, at least, still run. I'm going to try really hard not to think about all the things I still can't do and truly appreciate those than I can do.

I know there's a purpose and reason this is happening to me and somewhere down the road I'm sure the lesson will make itself known. I'm hoping that it is going to make me a stronger and better person, but in the mean time I'm afraid I'm becoming a much weaker and much sadder one :-( Patience is a virtue and I gotta work on it.


tina said...

embrace this now as this too shall pass

Anonymous said...

Hello there!
It surprises me that you dont get any more comments on this post. So many yoga teachers claim to know anatomy and how to heal knee wounds and neck pains and back pains.
Im going to suggest something for you to try. It's called pratyahara:
1. Sit or lie down.
2. Feel your body, your hole body.
3. Now focus on your pain, where is it? How big is it? How much does it hurt...
4. Continue as long as possible or until the pain dissapears.
5. Then again, feel your body, feel your whole body.
6. Now open your eyes and finish.

Try this and see =0)