Tuesday, September 07, 2010

How YogaDudes Got its Name

We recently received an inquiry as to why a shop named ‘YogaDudes’ didn’t carry more men’s yoga clothing. It was a very good question and I thought that I should tell the story about how YogaDudes got it’s name.

Back in 2005 my husband and I were both getting very involved in yoga. Although we weren’t going to classes at a local studio we were diligently practicing at home with DVDs. We both happened to like a particular Rodney Yee video the best and we ended up quibbling over who gets to take it when one of us had to travel for business. Yes, I know we could have easily bought a second copy, but instead my husband drew himself a cheat sheet representing the entire routine. He had all the poses drawn up using adorable little stick figures. I just loved this cheat sheet so much. I couldn’t get over how cute his stick figures were and I said, “I have to do something with those yoga dudes.” Within a couple months of that statement our first yoga dudes were brought to life. We took 6 of those pose sketches and redrew them in a CAD program. From there we visited a local machine shop and had the figures cut out of stainless steel to make the yoga pose earrings. I couldn’t help but to call them “YogaDudes.” And after receiving such positive response from the earrings, the products and hence the company grew to offer many more cute yoga accessories. The name just sort of stuck.


MariaMedia said...

Love the story of how yoga dudes came to life! So which Rodney DVD did you like so much? Do you have a new favorite yoga DVD you can recommend?

Paula said...

Back then my favorite routine was Rodney Yee's Power Yoga: Stamina. Today it's the blog posting right below this one: Core Fusion-Energy Flow. I just reviewed it and I love it to pieces. I will wear this DVD out. If it wasn't so easy to copy and store digital content new YogaDudes might have been born from it.