Monday, February 23, 2009

Yoga Teacher Training Moving Right Along

This weekend I finished the written test which consisted of 50 questions. I think my answers totaled seven pages worth of information. So much to digest and I wonder how much of it I’ll really retain. My next step is to write a three page essay on yoga and it’s relation to health. I have decided to write about how yoga can have positive benefits to cancer patients because restorative yoga is where most of my interest lies. I don’t have any intention of going out to a yoga studio to get a part-time job leading classes. But if I could ever utilize my knowledge to help people that really could use some extra help as they battle their way through a terrible ordeal, that would be very meaningful to me.

Once this step is complete it will be time for me to devise my own one-hour class routine. This is the part that scares me the most. I know I can happily do yoga by myself for an hour and cover all of my favorite asanas. But my ‘test class’ must be in the proper order and must address every group of poses, making sure to make special modifications for special needs students. This is the part of distance learning that is the most challenging. Nothing beats have the instructors in front of you showing you the proper moves. I have some videos to watch and I’m hoping I’ll get enough out of them. But maybe I should just focus on one step at a time. It’s time to start my restorative yoga research . . .

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Ritesh said...

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