Friday, October 17, 2008

Doga - Yoga For Dogs

Have you ever heard of Doga - Yoga For Dogs? When I saw an ad in my local newspaper for this last month I just had to check it out. Was it a joke or was the studio really holding a yoga class . . . for dogs?

Well, it was a real yoga class for dogs. Now you may have to stretch your imagination a bit and use the term "yoga class" a bit loosely. But there was a real yoga instructor and a handful of people with their dogs and their mats. I knew this was going to be a challenge for me because my greyhound (Peanut) doesn't know how to 'sit' and is not very fond of obeying commands – unless the command is 'lay there and don't move.'

It was quite an interesting hour. Not sure either of us got much out of it, but it was certainly entertaining. Here's the class in a nutshell - a Peanut shell . . .

First we needed to make eye contact, which is not an easy task with a aloof greyhound, but Peanut did her best.

Here she is showing off a brand new trick that she didn't know she could do.

Here she appears much more interested in Daddy and the camera than in yoga.

Looks like I'm the only one doing any yoga here. Peanut is just relaxing.

She's just not getting it. This is supposed to be 'updog.' Not 'lay-there dog.'

Wait, she's catching on. That almost looks like a 'down dog.' I'm so proud!

And then she figured out where the treats were coming from and it was all over!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like one company has a DVD showing how to do the moves. Anybody know anything about this?