Tuesday, January 29, 2008

30 Minutes to Bliss

Release stress, boost your immunity, and honor yourself by creating an at-home bathing ritual.

When was the last time you enjoyed a long soak in your bathtub? Maybe you shy away from taking baths because of time, or prefer the ease of the shower; either way, skipping your nightly bath is a missed opportunity to boost your immunity, releasing stress, and honor yourself with a little me-time.

Creating your own bathing ritual is a simple and enjoyable experience. To begin, remove any clutter from your bathroom. Cool colors like purples, blues, and whites are all inviting bathing colors; too many hot or bright colors can be distracting, so limit colors like red, orange, and gold. If you can, go out and buy some cozy and luxurious towels. Finally, find your favorite bathing essentials, i.e. bath salts, candles, and oils. Some of Find Bliss's favorites include the Babassu Milk Bath from Inara (inaraorganic.com), an organic line featuring babassu, a rich, moisturizing oil from the Brazilian Babassu palm. To maximize the healing benefits of your bath, add a scoop of bath salts from Abra Therapeutics (abratherapeutics.com). Their unique salts are designed for specific conditions and ailments varying from PMS Relief to Sleep Therapy. Need a quick pick-me-up? With its invigorating aroma the Energy Tonic blend is the perfect prelude to an evening on the town. Finally, retreat to your bathroom, turn off your cell-phone, treo, and ipod, and turn down the lights. Light some soy candles, run the bath, and gently slip away to your own private spa retreat.

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