Monday, April 10, 2006

I need help!

Well, this will be a test to see if this blog thing really works. I just posted an updated I added a new page called "Resources" and my goal for this page is to include the following categories:

  • Articles - a collection of interesting yoga articles
  • Links - links to various yoga related websites
  • Healthy recipes - simple enough
  • Homeopathic remedies - a collection of alternative remedies to cure common ailments
  • Great Yogi Finds - a collection of personal favorites, things I have found that I love and would recommend to other like-minded folks.

You will notice (if you visit the site) that Recipes, Remedies and Great Finds are currently under construction. I could really use some help with the healthy recipes and homepathic remedies. I don't want to just surf and grab random things off the intenet or in books. I really want these things to be tried and tested.

If you have some personal favorites that you think I should include, PLEASE send them along. Email me or post a comment in this blog. Please help me make a place that yogis would love to visit.

Thank you!!

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